Electricity and gas are an important part of our daily lives, and most of us rely upon our local energy companies such as EON, British Gas and Scottish Power to provide them. It makes no difference whether you reside in a home, a flat, or something else entirely, if there are issues with your energy supply, you will need to call for help. Utility Customer Service was created with your needs in mind. We have collected and present to you the contact numbers of each of the major UK energy providers like Utilita, Southern Electric, Npower, SWALEC. Furthermore, we provide information about any additional contact methods, allowing you, the consumer, to decide how to proceed.

If you have ever gone in search of a contact number, then you know that the task can take some time. Not all companies present this information front and center on their website, which can be quite frustrating for those who simply want to make the call and receive the answers they seek. When there is an emergency, the need for accurate, easy to find information is even more important. On this website, you will find current contact information for all of the top energy companies including EDF, First Utility and Utility Warehouse, presented in an easy to read manner. You will also find alternative contact method information, when it is available.

Payments and billing are behind many calls to customer service departments. Maybe you need to make a payment and would like to do so over the phone. Maybe you have questions about some of the charges that are listed on your billing statement. Maybe you simply want to ask a few questions about how charges are incurred. Whatever the question or problem, billing matters should be dealt with promptly. If there are errors on your billing statement, this needs to be addressed right away. If you need to pay for service, this also should be handled right away to avoid service disconnection.

Thinking about changing companies and want to request tariff information? Dial the contact number for the companies you are interested in collecting rate information from. Free quotes are available, and can be requested online in some cases, but are always available by phone. If you are interested in starting new service, call customer support and submit the proper information. It can take a few days to establish new service, so making this call as soon as possible is an excellent idea. The same goes for transferring service to a new home or business location.

Utility Customer Service provides you with contact numbers that will allow you to connect directly with the energy suppliers that you need to reach. Calls can be placed for any reason. Whether you want to request tariff information, are in need of account help, would like to make a payment, or need to report a service outages, help is available. Electricity and gas services are vital for the vast majority of us. We understand this, and also understand that you do not wish to search the entire internet to locate the contact numbers that you need. Worry not. We’re here to help.